Who We Are

Where We Are Going

One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Therefore, His church GV Christian Center will decentralize where and how we do church in order to reach everyone everywhere. We will be known as a birthplace of world-changers who influence their communities and nations.

Who We Are
  • Together we are family.
  • Together we love, know and serve God.
  • Together we love, know and serve people.
  • Together we laugh and grow.
  • We look forward to church.
Why We Do What We Do
  • We teach God’s Word without compromise.
  • We worship authentically.
  • We are on a focused mission.
  • We value relationships.
  • We generously give and serve.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • We have fun!

On May 1, 1982 Pastors Gary and Meg Morefield moved from San Diego to the Las Vegas valley to start a church. The first service of Green Valley Christian Center, then known as Southeast Assembly of God, was held in a home and consisted of 11 people on a Sunday morning — four of which were the Morefield family themselves.

By early 1983, our church had outgrown the home and moved to the Henderson Convention Center in Nevada. Less than two years later, we began renting out the sanctuary of a downtown church on Texas Street. We continued to grow tremendously.

In 1985, after three acres were miraculously donated, we started construction on our own building. This new site was located at the top of a hill in a new community in Henderson, NV called Green Valley — this is where our main campus is today. With mostly volunteer labor, the first building phase of 10,000 square feet was completed by the next year. We were fully committed to this new and growing community.

As our church continued to grow, in 1991 God laid it on Pastor Gary’s heart to start a Christian preschool as an outreach to the community. Busting at the seams, we began our 2nd building phase in 1992 and the next year we opened our first Kindergarten class. In 1994, we added the 1st grade. Our elementary school continued to grow and four years later in 1999 we expanded again with a 3-story educational wing.

In 2007, our upper school began with the 7th grade. In 2011 we acquired the ‘706 Building’ on the corner for our Next Gen Student Ministries and Jr. & Sr. High School. In 2014, we were proud to have our first High School graduating class.

Over the years, the church has grown to host 4 weekend services with various worship options to fit every preference. There’s our three main WorshipLive services as well as Traditions. The style of music may be different, but the message is always the same.

We have over 15 dedicated ministries — each with many opportunities to get involved and serve. We also have many Growth Groups you can join to learn more and grow deeper in your relationship with God and others.

There is something for everyone here and we hope you and your family look forward to church and find your home at GV Christian Center!

Welcome to GV Christian Center. We’re glad you’re here and can’t wait get to know you!

We’d like you to meet a few folks that call us home. Here’s a few of their stories…